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Costa Rican Going Away Party - On March 21, 2009, our dear friends in Charlotte through us a going away party to commemorate our upcoming move to Costa Rica.  Beware, there is some rather salty language mixed throughout the 11 minute video.
POSTED: 5/22/2009
The Virginia Creeper Trail - Come and join the geriatric mountain biking crowd with Fran, Andy,  Sal and Darcy as we challenge Virginia's 17 mile Creeper trail.
POSTED: 6/6/2008
Weekend With Grammy (Flash required)
POSTED: 11/26/2006
Growing Up Browne - Four generations of Browne's as seen through the "strange" eyes of Andy Browne
Browne Ale - The Art of Home Brewing - A documentary on the home brewing of beer featuring Mike Browne
It's A Dog's Life - Mike takes Zack and Duke swimming in Lake Norman
Meet The Grandkids - Choose from an assortment of short videos featuring my grandkids.
Armageddon on Blue Sky Lane - July 4, 2006 neighborhood fireworks display
Neighborhood Fireworks - Part II - July 4, 2007


Comfortably Numb - Another dental odyssey.  This is a classic.
The Extraction - Parental tooth extraction nightmare
The Foxboro Hop - What people will do to go to a party
Intoxicated Lipsyncing - Under the influence of alcohol, Andy goes before the camera to perform several rock and roll classics.  Recorded in 1984
The ESS News - Produced as a skit for Wachovia employees, this video used a fake news broadcast to highlight employees
Sergio - A Made Man - A tongue in cheek video tribute to an old man about to get married for the umteenth time

Where Are They Now - Don Vito Bigabone, fictitious Mafia legend gives his first video just after leaving witness protection.  Caution... this video contains some pretty rough language!

TRT: 5:44


Europe 2007 - Germany, The Netherlands and Denmark
Europe 1999 - First trip across the pond.  Locations: Scotland, England, Belgium and Germany
Pacific North West 2006 - Sept 2006 trip to Whistler BC and Seattle
Italy 2005 - Featuring: Venice, Bolzano, Tuscany and Rome
California 2003
Washington DC Memorials
Costa Rican Canopy Tour
Hang Gliding @ LaJolla Cliffs
Miata tour of the North Carolina Mountains
Universal Tours Hollywood


The Richard Petty Driving Experience - A short (non-race) video made at the Lowe's Motor Speedway in Charlotte North Carolina.
Kitchen Renovation - A series of seven short videos which chronicle the adventures of my recent upgrade to my kitchen of 10 years.
POSTED 4/6/07
USS North Carolina - A 7 minute mini-documentary and tour of this famous WWII Battleship
POSTED 9/17/06
The Charlotte Implosion - Mini-documentary about the life and death of the Old Charlotte Convention Center
My Garage Band - Andy sings and plays drums with a local garage band.  Covers by the Yardbirds, Bad Company and The Who.
POSTED 8/18/06

Inside Looking Out - This video follows the obsessive behaviors of an agoraphobic dancer, locked away in self-imposed exile.
This video won BEST SHORT SUBJECT at the 2005 Southern Exposure Film Forum in Charlotte NC, November, 2005.


Gauley River - 2006
(NEW Posted 11/10/2006)
Gauley River - 2007 Elaho River - British Columbia - Sept 2006 Posted 9/19/06
Gauley River - 2005 New River - Couples Overnight
NEW Posted 10/2/08
Nat'l Outdoor Whitewater Ctr - 7-4-07 Posted 7/31/07
Gauley River - 2004    
Gauley River - 2003    
Gauley River - 2002    
New River - 2002