Welcome Back My Friends
To The Show That Never Ends...

We're so glad to could attend, come inside... come inside

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Welcome friends to the new electronic news magazine The Browne Pages.   This web site is NOT your typical family home page.  While traditional family oriented web sites inundate readers with all types of boring, "little Johnny goes to school" bullshit, The Browne Pages exploits human frailty and challenge one's sense of normalcy and good taste.  

If you are easily offended by sick, sarcastic, and occasionally idiotic or childish humor or if you blush easily, then I have provided a more appropriate place for you to go. 

Click Here  ( Ed. Thank goodness for The First Amendment) **

Many readers of The Browne Pages have become quite vocal in their condemnation or glorification of this "electronic rag."   As loyal readers or just web surfers who happened to find The Browne Pages by luck, you have the opportunity to let me and others on the web know how you feel.  Make sure you check out our special section "Letters To The Friggin Editor."  Support the First Amendment by voicing your opinions and let others read about it too.

** For those of you who don't know what the First Amendment is, it is a constitutional guarantee that gives Americans the right to voice their own opinions without fear of retribution.