Our New House - Charlotte, NC

Our house
Casa del Browne located in the overly yuppified subdivision of Charlotte's Highland Creek.
Living room
The living room, the most under-used room in the house.
Family room
80% of all family activity takes place in the family room.  So why isn't it bigger?
Dining room
The second most under used room in the house.
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This is where it ALL comes together
Equipped with PC, cable modem and a cache of single malt scotch... I can survive for weeks.
Hot Tub
After a long day at the keyboard... there's no place like the hot tub.  
Backyard Garden
Fran always wanted a garden - now she has one.  We just hope it will survive her black thumb!
Backyard Deck
This is our back yard.  There was no other reason to add this picture other than to balance out the page.

Relocating to NC - the story