The Steve Morse Band

Steve Morse is the best (an perhaps busiest) rock guitarist playing today.  On October 13/14, the Steve Morse Band (he also plays in the Dixie Dregs as well as Deep Purple) was doing a two-night gig in a hole in the wall bar in Charlotte called the Double Door.

I went down to the club to buy my tickets a few days before the show and I asked the owners if I could take some pictures while the band was playing.  They said sure... people do it all the time.  So I decided to capture some of the moments with my new digital still and video cameras.

I positioned myself only feet from the stage.  With video camera in hand, I had recorded about 10 minutes of some of the most fantastic guitar work I had ever witnessed. 

The bastard who stole my tape << Tour Manager Me and Steve
Me & Steve >>

It was then, the Tour Manager, this extremely ugly, rude, over-aged hippy came up from behind and put his hairy arm on my camera and said "Your tape... give it to me NOW!   I didn't want to run the risk of getting thrown out (or worse) beat up so I decided to try diplomacy - I begged him to let me keep my tape.  Well that didn't work.  

Plan 2... wait till after the show and beg Steve Morse to let me keep the tape.  That almost worked.  Steve told the Tour Manager  to give me the tape but the ugly son of a bitch said he already destroyed it!  Oh well... at least I have my still pictures.

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