The World of Andy Browne
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My parents - Bea and Fred Browne

In August 1940, two almost popular and occasionally employed big-band entertainers from New York City fell in love and got married.  Freddy Browne was a drummer and band leader and Bea was a singer.  This twosome did what lots of New Yorkers did at the time, they said farewell to The Big Apple and headed for the sunny shores of South Florida. 

One cute kid... eh!

On Wednesday, October 4, 1950, having just received my gestational parole, I exploded from my uterine prison into a strange, cold world filled with bright lights, probing fingers and unknown certainty. It's hard to believe this 7 pound bundle of cuteness would turn into the sarcastic, irreverent yet multi-talented person who stakes claim to The Browne Pages.

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1959 - George Washington was the FIRST American President.  Dr. Christiaan Barnard performed the FIRST heart transplant from one person to another.  Neil Armstrong was the FIRST man on the moon. 

To be able to say that you were the FIRST person ever to do something can be quite an achievement.  Well I too can claim a FIRST I was the FIRST kid ever suspended from Oak Grove Elementary School in March of that year.


61_-_Boy_Scouts.JPG (10365 bytes)

1962 - In just three years after following the "rep" I gained as being a "foul-mouth 3rd grader", I made it to the status of exemplary Boy Scout.  Only problem, I had an extremely difficult time mastering the "official" three fingered Boy Scout salute... I had this incredible urge to salute with only one of the required three fingers.  I bet you can guess which finger I used!.

Riding the "heavies" on Miami Beach - 1966

1966 - Following my short tenure in the Boy Scouts, I got bit by the surfing bug.   I always had this affinity for the ocean and this intense desire to master it's raw power.  The beach was now my playground... every weekend and quite a few times during the week as well.  If the waves were up... I was there.

Hard Rocking Son Of A Gun

1967 was an awesome year.  Music was always in my blood.  My father put drumsticks in my hand before I reached my first birthday but being a rock guitar god was #1 on my list.  Who needed school.  Hell, I was in a rock and roll band AND I had a surfboard.  Life was good!

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1968 - Reality had finally set in and it just dawned on me - I can't get nowhere without no education... no how!  (four double negatives in one sentence - not bad eh!).  My senior year was touch and go but I managed to stay away from the beach long enough to get passing grades (except during hurricanes).  All my hard work paid off, for in June, I joined the esteemed ranks of graduates from North Miami Senior High School. 

In June of 1998, I attended my 30th high school reunion.  Read about it here.

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1971 - Everybody warned me not to buy a motorcycle, but I knew better.  On a hot, sweltering day in July, I nearly found myself "heading towards the bright white light at the end of that tunnel!"  This is the story an event that radically changed the course of my life.  Beware - the pictures in this section are gross and disgusting.  They are NOT for the squeamish!!!

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1973 - In my 23 years of life on earth, I hardly dated a girl more than twice.  I never had a steady girlfriend.  I think my parents thought I might be gay!  But on December 2, I entered into a new chapter of my life... that of married man.  This following story will reveal the details of my whirlwind courtship and eventual marriage to Fran Weiner and the series of events that lead up to that event?


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1974 - 2008 - Ok... so now I have this 20 year gap that needs explanation.  My friends all thought I was part of the Federal Witness Protection Program, having moved around as much as I did.  But in reality I just could not keep a job.  Find out why!


2009 thru Present - I lost my job.  Sold all my shit and Fran and I moved to Costa Rica.  If you think that is the end of the story, you must be smoking dope.  We have a new life living the Pura Vida (pure life). 

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