The Final Straw...

Boston MA 4/1/97 - April 1, 1997, an overnight snow storm dumped more than 30 inches slushy crap on our lovely Boston suburb of Marlborough.  We were told to expect light flurries with little accumulation.  Yeah... right!  The snow arrived at 11:30 that night and didn't stop for fifteen hours.


The result of 3 hours of digging
Mike_Snow1a.jpg (20321 bytes)
With tons of snow to remove - my lazy-ass slacker of a son decides to rest

If you want the job done right...

When we got up the next morning, snow was still coming down.  Looking out the window we saw nothing but white.  My poor dog was reminding me his aged bladder was on the verge of overflow.  I went downstairs to let him out and found it impossible to open the back door.  Ten foot snow drifts had piled up against the house making it impossible to let poor Ace relieve himself.  All the doors leading to the outside world were blocked by mounds of snow.

It looked as if we were snowbound.  But alas, the door to the walk out basement was clear.  Fears of having rescue parties find our rotting corpses have now dissipated.  It was important this tragedy be recorded for history.   With thoughts of going to work work out of my mind, Fran and Mike grabbed shovels and made their way to the front of the house to begin the extrication process - I grabbed the camera!

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