A Quick Look at a Boring Year - 1998

Charlotte, NC 12/24/98 - Throughout 1998, various events occurred which require they be documented (for historical purposes) but do not warrant large amounts of my effort to be spent trying to be funny or sarcastic.

March - A digital camera in the hands of Andy Browne is like a surgical scalpel in the hands of Dr. Frankenstein.  Nothing good will come of it.  And true to form, here we see Andy capturing the ample "assets" of his lovely wife Fran as she applies wallpaper in a very difficult location in their kitchen. 98 - WallPaper2.JPG (28033 bytes)

June - Always loyal to old friends, on a recent visit to Charlotte North Carolina, ex-heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with old friend and one time sparring partner Fran Browne.   Me and the Champ For those of you who follow boxing, it was Fran who helped train The Champ for his first bout with Smokin' Joe Frazier.

Halloween98.jpg (49412 bytes) October - "If it weren't for Halloween, life would have little meaning" claims Andy Browne.  "Scaring the daylights out of defenseless kids and seeing the look of sheer terror on their sweet little faces is like icing on the cake" he beams.  Here we see Andy greeting the unsuspecting Trick or Treater's.
With only his masked head protruding from a giant box, Andy waits for the kids to reach into the fake candy bucket atop the box.  When the kids reach in to retrieve their sweet surprise, Andy would grab their hands through hole in the bottom of the bucket... Seven out of ten kids had urinary accidents!!!

October - No longer allowed to operate a motor vehicle (by parental decree) after have nearly destroyed his father's automobile, Mike sits idly by as girlfriend Ashlee directs Fran to the location their date.

Editors Note:  It is now May 2002, Mike and Ashlee hate each other.  To use Mike's phrase... "if the bitch were on fire, I wouldn't even piss on her."  NOW THAT IS HATE!!!

98 - Mike & Ashlee 06.jpg (25479 bytes)

dissappear.jpg (463358 bytes) July - Andy has come to terms with the occasional, yet short lasting, side effects caused by medication he takes in an
attempt to avoid costly and depilating penile reduction surgery.  "If becoming invisible a few times a week is what it takes, I'm up for it... no pun intended", quipped Browne.

November - It pays to have a working wife whose job has a few decent perks...  Panthers Montage

The Carolina Panthers football team really sucks this year but on November 15, my team, the Miami Dolphins came to town.

Not only did I receive free tickets to the game, (complements of her employer), but I was upgraded to the company's executive skybox.  Since the Dolphins were kicking ass at the time, there was nothing for the cheerleaders to do than to spread their cheer with the high rollers in the corporate suites.

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